Ascensori Falconi offers an efficient and high quality repair service thanks to:

  • A consolidated experience of the sector’s technologies and a high level of knowledge of the latest technical innovations that allow efficient management of both traditional and new installations
  • A multi-brand knowledge
  • The presence of warehouses located throughout Ticino, which allow a wide range of replacement materials to be readily available
  • Constant training of personnel, carried out internally and externally, which allows our technicians to always remain up-to-date
  • A prompt and decisive 24/7 assistance

Ascensori Falconi offers a modernisation service, repair services, maintenance services and solutions for completely new installations. In particular, we take care of all vertical lift installations such as standard or customised lifts, inclined lifts, special installations, freight elevators, stairlift, dumbwaiters, lifting platforms, escalators and moving walkways.

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