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Inclined lifts

Since April 2013, after receiving the final authorisations from the relevant authorities, Ascensori Falconi has expanded its offer with the introduction of inclined lifts.

These outdoor lifts, characterised by their high adaptability to all types of terrain, guarantee a highly reliable comfort experience.

Inclined lifts: product overview

High flexibility: These special systems, entirely designed by the Falconi team of professionals, make steep hilly terrain accessible without affecting the surrounding vegetation. Falconi inclined lifts make it possible to satisfy the most particular and specific needs of customers, both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view.

Extensive customisation possibilities: Inclined lifts allow for extensive customisation in terms of interior finishes. Thanks to Falconi’s efficient service, customers are given the opportunity to choose the materials, colours and finishes that best suit their needs.

Ascensori Falconi offers a modernisation service, repair services, maintenance services and solutions for completely new installations. In particular, we take care of all vertical lift installations such as standard or customised lifts, inclined lifts, special installations, freight elevators, stairlift, dumbwaiters, lifting platforms, escalators and moving walkways.

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