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KONE TranSys™

The KONE TranSys™ freight elevator has a wide range of personalisation possibilities, allowing it to combine speed, reliability and quality design. This model is the ideal solution to meet high load and traffic demands in various types of buildings: supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, warehouses, hospitals and hotels.

KONE product elevators: main features

KONE TranSys™ is a spacious, durable and reliable freight elevator that guarantees

  • safe transport of fragile loads
  • precision floor levelling
  • full opening doors
  • design and functional cabin finishes and interiors.

High lifting capacity: The KONE TranSys™ cabin is designed to withstand high loads over time and can carry up to 5,000 kg. KONE TranSys™, in addition to being a freight elevator, is also a car hoist, ideal for the vertical transport of vehicles from underground car parks or on roofs. The KONE TranSys™ freight lift is based on the KONE MonoSpace® technology and is driven by the reliable and eco-efficient KONE EcoDisc® traction machine, which achieves a high level of performance and lifting capacity.

Increased energy savings: Thanks to the revolutionary EcoDisc® traction system, KONE TranSys™ offers the possibility of greater lifting capacity using less energy. In addition to reducing energy consumption, KONE EcoDisc® reduces the risk of environmental pollution by eliminating the use of oil.

Increased comfort and versatility: With KONE TranSys™, you can customise your cabin fittings by choosing from a variety of accessories and finishes, floor and cabin signalling, lighting systems, handrails and bumper strips. In addition, this model provides the possibility of installing a second cabin fixture that facilitates call plan selection while transporting heavy loads.

KONE TranSys™: technical details

  • Lift capacity: up to 5000 kg/53 persons
  • Speed:from 0.5 m/s up to 1.0 m/s
  • Travel:up to 40 metres
  • Lighting:LED lights
  • Energy efficiency:compliance with European lift standards EN81-20 and EN81-50.
  • Possibility of compliance with EN 81-71for vandal-resistant lifts
  • Possibility of configuration according to disabled standards
  • Possibility of configuration with reduced headroomup to 3.80 m

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