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KONE NanoSpace™

The KONE NanoSpace® lift is the ideal product for modernization or replacement of existing installations. With the ultimate aim of adding value to a building to improve comfort, safety and accessibility, this KONE model stands out for its ability to modernise through the use of time and cost effective methods.

KONE lift: main features

Thanks to this KONE model, lift replacement is simple and straightforward. With these features, KONE NanoSpace™ is the ideal solution even for existing buildings without lifts, with limited space.

  • Greater comfort: this model guarantees a smooth and pleasant ride with high-precision floor levelling. KONE NanoSpace®, with no machine room, makes it possible to increase the capacity and capability of the cabin by up to 50% without the need to change the size of the shaft.
  • Improved eco-efficiency: KONE NanoSpace® complies with European lift standards EN81-20 and EN81-50 and has industry-leading eco-efficiency. Compared to existing solutions, this system achieves up to 70% higher energy efficiency.
  • Time reduction:an important quality of this KONE model is that it can be installed and commissioned in a very short time, a key feature that drastically reduces lift downtime.

KONE NanoSpace™: technical details

  • Lift capacity: up to 630 kg/8 persons
  • Speed: up to 1.0 m/s
  • Travel: up to 40 metres
  • Lighting: LED lights
  • Energy efficiency: compliance with European lift standards EN81-20 and EN81-50.
  • Possibility of configuration according to disabled standards
  • Possibility of configuration with reduced head up to 2.90 metres

Ascensori Falconi offers a modernisation service, repair services, maintenance services and solutions for completely new installations. In particular, we take care of all vertical lift installations such as standard or customised lifts, inclined lifts, special installations, freight elevators, stairlift, dumbwaiters, lifting platforms, escalators and moving walkways.

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